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Inspiration Pad Pro 3.0

Inspiration Pad Pro generates names, town information, encounters, treasures etc.
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Inspiration Pad Pro 2.0 is a software for generating things like names, town information, encounters, treasures etc. for a campaign. The software uses text files known as generators. These generators in turn determine the information to be generated. They can be modified or new ones can be added to the list.

The program features a modern interface with customizable tree displays. The tables can be categorized later into multiple folders. The tables also feature the calculation of math table. The generators can ask the users regarding the parameters. Nesting of the table cells, variables, dice rolls, and math expressions can be done easily. Actions or branch based can be performed by the tables for the value of an expression.

The software has additional set of filters for text manipulation and platform independent formatting. All the complex tables can be segregated and spread across multiple lines in the generator file. This makes it more readable. It has an option for inline variable assignment which helps in creation of the variable inside the table items.

Inspiration pad helps the user in creating text generators which can be modified or newly created. It could be customized to a specific campaign as well.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Can be customized according to specific campaigns


  • The new line command options can be confusing
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